A Rose's Blush (116)

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"Rose Quartz stimulates the good in mankind, promotes love and art, makes creative, helps when one is homesick and softens the emotional life..."(gemstonedeva - see links on profile)

As women we flow vulnerably and are much more emotional than guys, generally speaking. These pieces will remind you, and the world, that that means strength, not weakness :)

Capturing that gentleness and subtle innocence yet displaying beautifully that you're open to communication w the orange Delicas.

This memory set includes a 19 1/2" necklace (so you can wear it at whatever length feels good) that's finished with soft matching silver balls, an 8 1/4" bracelet so it will definitely fit around your entire wrist easily, and long 3 1/4" earrings to show you're not afraid of that vulnerability. Matter-of-fact, you're proud to be slightly innocent and beautiful!

A Rose's Blush (116)

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