Blushing Abundance (509)

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Product Description

Faceted golden pink Aurora Borealis glass beads in the pendant, within the chain and at the end of the earrings will give you that added classy sparkle.

Slightly shimmering with each move, the larger gold chain insinuates you’re not only classy, but so much so your personality will shine brighter than the beads on it. Those who care will double take realizing that part of your success comes from your attention to detail without having to shout about it.

There is a program called Brag that shows how to “Toot your own horn without blowing it.” This lovely set states that you’ve definitely mastered that art.

The chain (with design incorporated) is 25” so you can easily slip it over your head instead of using the spring ring clasp but if you’d like me to modify it to your own perfect length, just let me know before shipping.

Adding to the length is the 2” pendant portion and 2 1/2" earrings so they can capture the light and sparkle sensationally; gold ear wires (as always, hypoallergenic).

Blushing Abundance (509)

BE bydesign

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