Classic Royalty (205)

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Product Description

Oh don’t you just LOVE the incredible femininity of the briolette cut?

I’d been looking everywhere for them for years until finally seeing them at a gem show. In real gems there wasn’t a single one – even itsy bitsy – for less than $120.00! Who wants to pay hundreds or thousands these days when we can enjoy the same for a mere fraction of that price?

So, here they are for you in glass with a deep rich royal blue and Aurora Borealis glitter!

As tough to wire wrap as cut, I believe they’re well worth it – don’t you?

Gold hand wired coils add that ever so desirable, clearly ‘set you apart from the rest’ uniqueness.

Vintage gold plated chain 18” plus 1 1/8” pendant; 1 1/4” earrings. Secure spring ring clasp.

Classic Royalty (205)

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