Comforting Courage (500)

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Product Description

Comforting courage and vitality can be felt just by holding this awesome slice of the earth's history!

The healing properties of Agates are well known but none seem to offer proof as much as this one with its spectacular colors!

It’s a little heavy but all the more reason to appreciate groundedness and being here amongst the splendor of it all.

Each smaller Agate incorporated in the chain's design and earrings bring out the pinks, whites, and blacks along with the touch of blush colored crystal like bling (faceted glass) for just the right amount of sparkle.

All of the stainless steel is patterned for added intrigue and durable strength.

Although the 29" chain is long enough to be endless and hang beautifully over any top (or even jacket), it’s made with a lobster claw clasp to be versatile enough for you to wear it at any length that suits you and the outfit you choose.

The pendant is an additional 2 1/2" with 2" earrings (also in stainless).

Comforting Courage (500)

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