Faith's Fluid Protector (297)

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Product Description

Larimar, as the protector of unfaithfulness and negative influences, is itself protected by beautiful silver wire wrapped swirls in this unique set. You can wear it featuring the swirl, or featuring the Larimar with a small accent swirl above.

Tiny aqua briolettes dangle inside the hoops but above their own open swirled coils (hand hammered for strength) matching the Larimar's splashing of turquoise to a tea.

Turquoise is supposed to represent FUN and I guess that's so since it helps find one's true soul mate and improve communications.

I have no doubt this set will indeed help you attract whoever you want - and have an absolute blast while doing so! :)

Endless silver rope chain 29" plus the 2 1/4" pendant; 2 1/2"earrings.

Faith's Fluid Protector (297)

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