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Aloha dear new friend :) BEbydesign is for you personally as a worthy, empowered woman. Every piece is designed to help you feel fabulous, look fantastic and BE on the right path for your own perfect, sparkling balance. Whichever set or piece appeals to you, bet you'll either feel their name, or know that might be exactly who you want to BE. If not, could be you're just like my daughter (featured model)who knows that she knows, she's already there adding just the right touch to sparkle from within. Either way, thank you for you! You are very much appreciated!!!

Shipping details

All items shipped within 2-3 days but if you're in a hurry, please email me. Orders can go out almost immediately and shipping costs figured exactly per your specific order (and whether you want gift wrapping/boxes/fancy bags etc.). Standard shipping cost listed includes a shipping box ($3.19) plus regular USPS ground charges (without insurance) to anywhere in the U.S. This means if you live close to me and the items are just for you, you'd be paying too much :( If you include your phone number and don't mind chatting for a couple of minutes, you'll only be charged the minimum shipping possible and will get EXACTLY what you want - because I like my customers :)

Refunds, returns & exchanges

Insurance w USPS is ALWAYS recommended! Its the only legitimate tracking/refund path they offer. UPS & FedEx charge more because packages are always trackable & insured.

Detailed descriptions/pics are given showing sizes and how they look from different angles but on the rare occassion you're not satisfied, please contact me directly! Promise I don't bite and bottom line, I want you to be happy! We can work out exchanges or even a refund upon return of the item(s) in the same shape they were shipped (i.e. resellable) We all love the internet's convenience and global variety for shopping, but pls bear in mind, we are independent sellers - not BIG BOX retailers that make millions and don't notice a $10 or $30 loss.

Additional information

Holiday shopping may mean gift boxes; fancy bags; names of the pieces or personal notes included; shipping to different addresses, or 1 or 2 gifts mailed to you with your own items. I'm more than happy to accommodate you personally! Simply email me: with specifics and/or include your name, phone number & the best time to call. Personal service is important to me, as it is to you too I'm sure. Don't be a stranger - I'm here for YOU :)

BE bydesign

Aloha :) My name is Sylvia and I am soooooooooooooo glad you found my shop! Feel free to email me with any questions or requests - I'm just a click away. Don't forget to check out the specials and as always, if you refer a friend, you'll automatically get a 5% off coupon for your next purchase!