Femininity Flowing (332)

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COLOR galore AND versatility to express exactly how you feel for the day!

Each set includes 2 clasps so the necklaces can clasp together and stay in place rather than simply doubling a long one OR (see below). The sets also include a matching pair of earrings.

The sizes allow you to wear the sets as:
1) a single long necklace (approximately 39"- see below for this set’s exact sizes) w earrings
2) OR a necklace (approximately 18") & bracelet (21" tripled) and the earrings
3) OR a necklace (approximately 21") & anklet (18" doubled) and earrings!
4) Or even as a bracelet, anklet and earrings :)

If the exact listed sizes don’t suit your particular wrist or ankle, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to make them a perfect fit for you!

They’re so light (which you too may LOVE!), you may forget you’re wearing them – that is until the compliments start flowing :)

Don’t believe I’ve ever worn one of these without being surprised by the compliments because I did forget I had it on. Most say they’ve seen colored chains, but never multiples and mixed and patterned…

Chain maille in anodized bright colors! Life is GOOD!

This particular set has both silver and vibrant pink links intermingled: 3 pinks, 5 silver, back to pinks etc.

It’s a simple enough design that you could wear it long with your favorite silver jewelry for the added gorgeous coloring, or even wear one as a bracelet, another as an anklet, then with the earrings, the silver necklace and pendant you usually wear will stand out even more! Up to you of course, I’ve just caught people doing double takes when I’ve worn these colors. They haven’t always commented, but the double takes are enough to make me smile inside for quite a while :)

One necklace is 18”, the other 20 3/4" with 2 5/8” earrings. There are 2 lobster claw clasps and just one silver ear wire - - - just kidding – wanted to see if you were really paying attention :)

These vibrant sets are becoming some of my favorite to wear because they are soooo light! I wish they’d have come out with this stuff when I was a teenager. I probably would have tossed on 3 or 4 sets to express the gypsy in me – and boy would I have stood out in a crowd!!! Can you imagine? You’ll get compliments all day with just the one set. Who knows what’ll happen if we put a few on! STAMPEDE Look out!!!

Femininity Flowing (332)

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