Golden Prisms of color (516)

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Product Description

If I could I’d acquire these beautiful hexagonal Aurora Borealis beads by the ton – they are sooooooooooo pretty!

This set has one wire wrapped as a feature center piece with a lovely golden tear shaped gold bead dangling from it.

Then there are ones incorporated into the gold plated vintage chain for added sparkle and intrigue.

And of course there are matching earrings because why have such a lovely necklace only to distract with something mismatched?

It’s just an opinion, but I think having matching jewelry adds class and elegance to every outfit – and you naturally :)

Everyone used to match their jewelry and have sets but then with the skyrocketing prices of jewelry and exhorbitant costs for designing, we've been almost trained to think if they're similar, it's ok. This is why I do my absolute best to bring you these sets at extremely affordable prices - and the designing's free :)

20” long chain plus the 1 1/2” pendant with 2 1/2” earrings. Secure gold spring ring clasp, gold ear wires.

Golden Prisms of color (516)

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