Harmonious Youthful Stimulation (255)

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Product Description

Ahh pinks, swirls, intrigue and unique Agates... Definitely something you won't ever see another of! I could gaze through Agate slices for hours just to meditate on natures wonders. With this unique set, you can take a moments break anytime to do just that.

The focal Agate is wire wrapped in pink wire to enhance its own unusual coloring while brown anodized but heavier guage wire holds it snuggly on the sides.

The earrings are made with the same colors but smaller mini dangles to add flowing movement with the antique copper carved balls setting off the light capturing mini Agates above.

Earthy harmony coupled with your eternally youthful spirit will not only make you feel lighter, but will capture that truth within all who come near you.

Endless chain 27" (can customize) plus 3" pendant with 3" earrings.

Harmonious Youthful Stimulation (255)

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