In the Garden of Emotional Success (565)

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Product Description

A delightful combination of oranges and golds and earthy class, this unusual combination of shapes, sizes and colors all seem to blend as if made for each other.

Hand painted vintage Hawaiian beads of antique gold along with tiny pearl beads of the same color are separating orange faceted glass beads, orange translucent beads and orange flowers. The additional golden brown cubes and anodized orange cubes just seem to fit naturally.

Orange representing our emotions and communication, gold affluence, and browns a sensual earthiness, you will indeed feel as though you’re in a beautiful garden dancing confidently in whatever setting.

The necklace is only 19” for a very comfortable fit yet can be worn and seen with shirts and dresses alike - includes a gold spring ring clasp for security.

2 1/2” earrings emit enough sparkle to matter, not enough for you not to be the feature :)

In the Garden of Emotional Success (565)

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