Magical Creative Abundance (258)

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Do you like being draped in gold? Well, you don’t have to have Mr. T’s 50 chains to feel that way – just this one.

On top of that, you won’t NEED all those chains when one necklace will clearly establish you as one of a kind!

This set has a hand wrapped - one only - Agate slice with rare pinks and browns running all through it. The twisted gold thread has been left with an open fray to catch the sunlight but if you'd prefer, feel free to cut it shorter.

To enhance that color are a few Agates incorporated in the chain. Although their colors are closer to the same golden brown but with touches of red, the added pink beads on either side makes them look as though they have the same pink veins :)

The chain rings have an etched type design and are doubled so it’s not the lightest piece you’ll find, but you did say you wanted to be draped in gold, didn’t you?

To help you stand out even more in your uniqueness, there’s a stunning “pearl safety clasp” with its own design stamped onto it.

The doubled chain is a full 22” with the pendant portion adding another 2 1/2”, so you can comfortably wear it above a turtleneck if you like (or any blouse or shirt for that matter). Of course, it could peek out from underneath too. Either way, it won’t be missed by anyone!

The earrings feel lighter but have an equal amount of attention getting status with their own doubled chain before the Agates and beads – 2 3/4”.

Magical Creative Abundance (258)

BE bydesign

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