Majestic Abalone & Gold Pendant (658)

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Product Description

Suggestive of the mermaid within us all, this Abalone pendant is set in royal looking antique gold.

Oh that we were all free to roam gracefully through the glorious underwater kingdom! Would we then have the same dreams as Ariel?

OK then, let’s attract your prince while you’re here. Perhaps he’ll whisk you away for a tropical vacation. :)

Just to be totally matching, the chain is also vintage looking gold with an unusual old but safe hook clasp. 18” total for the chain plus the 1 1/2" pendant.

My apologies for the pictures :( They don't show the gold at all but I didn't realize until posting... Believe me, in person it's definitely antique gold.

Majestic Abalone & Gold Pendant (658)

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