Midnight Elegance (568)

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Product Description

Royal midnight blue briolettes with shimmering deep violets and purples – hmmmm… They begged to be wrapped in gold so you could be adorned in a class above all else!

The single tiny wrapped briolette on the larger gold ball will dance to your own inner sparkle – perhaps centered one moment, perhaps intriguingly to the side the next.

The entire chain is only 20 1/2” (with an extra large lobster claw clasp) so the 2” portion of the pendant below that will be right about where it needs to be as an absolute attention getter. If that’s not the absolute perfect size for you personally, let me know before shipping so we can customize it exactly right for you.

The earrings are stand alone gorgeous to make any outfit but in combination with the necklace and pendant, they’re show stoppers! :)

Midnight Elegance (568)

BE bydesign

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