Nature's Magical Butterfly (296)

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Product Description

Do you love nature so much you wish you could be in the serenity of a garden all the time? Do you love the magical metamorphic stages of a butterfly? Have you ever been so lucky and peaceful to have one land on you? Are you emotionally expressive?

This one-of-a-kind art piece will have everyone who looks at you feel the glory of all that! A touch of sparkle, a butterfly fluttering close to flowers, the billowing soft green curves of nature > when you're just glad to be alive, why not share it with the world!

Total necklace length is 27" (can customize to suit you) with 1 1/2" earrings. Made of thicker guage colored wire and hand hammered to ensure its durability. If tangled, just gently shake - but you'll probably want to keep this piece displayed on your dresser so you too can feel that inside smile whenever you look at it :)

Nature's Magical Butterfly (296)

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