Nurturing Courageous Communications (553)

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Product Description

Amazingly awesome coloring in this Agate ranging from a deep clear orange to white with bands of translucent milkiness and peach throughout.

The twisted wire wrapping adds that special touch of handmade and the bangle framing accentuates its beauty even more.

2 bangles, one silver and one emulating the peachy pinks, are included along with small round agates that have the same coloring as the focal bead. They also have added swirls of twisted silver coils to be cute as a button (as they used to say when buttons were all the rage).

The slightly twisted chain reminds one of the old diamond cut chains with the sparkle they exude but this has a much airier feeling with its large ovals = femininity personified.

28" chain (can be worn at length choice due to large spring ring clasp, plus the 3" diameter pendant with the same size bangles; 1 1/2" earrings.

Nurturing Courageous Communications (553)

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