Optical Flowing Rejuvenation (522)

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Product Description

It’s been said that if you’re attracted to turquoise you’re the type of person who likes to have fun; silver represents the moon’s feminine influence on our lives, and fiber optics are the modern day’s statement of all we’re capable of creating. Put all together, this one-of-a-kind set will have you declaring to the world:

“Yes I’m a modern woman capable of creating ANYTHING while having fun doing it!”

Is that you or who you want to BE?

Made with crackled glass, a wire wrapped fiber optic focal bead and handmade feminine swirls ‘n’ curls, clearly the fun in making it for you has set the tone > it’s your turn!

22” chain plus 4” pendant; 1 ¾” earrings w silver ear wires & extra large silver spring ring clasp.

Optical Flowing Rejuvenation (522)

BE bydesign

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