Optical Luck Flowing (203)

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Ahhh – as the luck ‘o’ the Irish would have it Lassies, we do have a set you don’t have to wait ‘till St. Patty’s Day to look fabulous wearing!

Made with 5 different shades of green in all different shapes and sizes, set apart with equally interesting shapes of silver.

Its jewelry where the only response to the question, “where can I get it?” has to be with your head held high, a sparkle in your eye, and a definitive, “Its handmade and one of a kind. I’m the only one who found the pot at the end of the rainbow” *wink*

To everyone you share that with though, be sure to give them the BEbydesign link so you can take advantage of the 5% off coupon for referrals.

You’ll be wantin’ to check back often for new unique treasures Mi Lady.

22” long plus an additional 1” for the fiber optic heart; silver lobster claw clasp; 2 1/4” earrings with silver hypoallergenic ear wires.

See second pair or earrings pictured (ones w/o the flowers) in "BE Simplicity" (earrings only)" #1226 called BE "Creative Wisdom" $5.75 or special > 2 for $10.75

Optical Luck Flowing (203)

BE bydesign

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