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Jewelry materials have come a long way in the 39 years I’ve been having fun with and demonstrating crafts. So have I, I hope. Certain beliefs such as metaphysics have been incredibly valuable to me over the years; the therapeutic properties of certain metals and gemstones have helped me stay vibrant & healthy; and the meaning of colors (around for centuries) has given me insight on how I’m perceived along with how I’ve chosen to BE.

Whether we believe in something has much to do with personal experience and I’m not altogether sure if the therapeutic knowledge is as powerfully effective as the positive affirmations and attitude we focus on in order to shift or discover and express our true selves.

Either way, there are many existing websites that explain all the aspects mentioned (see links below), so for simplicity’s sake, and because the bottom line of adorning ourselves is to make us feel (and look) better, the mini works of art I’m offering you are all named according to what they are supposed to heal, how you’ll be perceived by others, and/or most importantly, to help you BEcome what you want to BE – by design.

I very much look forward to serving you in any way I can and thank you in advance for looking and especially for BEcoming one of my special customers! Together we’ll be able to find that “perfect sparkle from within” for you personally.

So too, if you’re not feeling your best, grab the sparkle you’ve chosen, meditate on the name for a moment, then BE that... Before you know it, you’ll be expressing your true worthiness – which always makes us feel better!

Very sincerely yours, Sylvia

"We are human BEings, not human DOings" Deepak Chopra

"BE, as a page that aches for a word which speaks on a theme that is timeless..." Neil Diamond

Also, please contact me for bulk order discounts and/or personal showings/parties in and around the Raleigh NC area.

Name examples:
1)Inv #507 > BE “Kundalini Rising Mysteriously”. This set has Serpentine beads: see (who also lists some healing and magical powers of metals i.e. gold, silver, copper…) “...Serpentine raises the Kundalini and teaches its wearer that the world does not exist because of material things and opens the heart to spirituality.” Plus the meaning of black: see that states “black is the color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, creating an air of mystery.”

2)Inv. #650 > BE “Purely Sensuous Charm” containing Mother-of-Pearl, Mexican Fire Opal, and peach pearls+: see “The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Peach bring you Courage and Charm.” Plus brown as sensuous and down-to-earth (Luscher color testing) and white “is color at its most complete and pure…” (empower-yourself).

3)Inv. #256 > BE “A Strong Protector of Truth” with Agates “It is said that one can only tell the truth when looking onto an Agate” & copper “…strengthens the consciousness of its wearer” (and the immune system - gemstonedeva) along with Turquoise as a protective stone & royal blue as the color of trust/peace/loyalty & integrity.

If you’d like additional info on metaphysics or different aspects of health and healing, please also feel free to check my blogs on hp. i.e.

Please feel welcome to come back again soon!

BE bydesign

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