Paradise's Fun (295)

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Product Description

Ultra unique hand wired/wrapped and just plain fun!

The parrots are each perched comfortably on their own lampposts with heavy gauged wire swirling around them depicting billows of green leaves. Touches of vibrant anodized colorful links add even more intrigue.

Do you love birds? Do you like being complimented? Are you just plain fun?

This set was made for only one particular “red hat” kind of gal. Is that you? If so, I'd LOVE to meet you because you're the type of woman that dictates how the rest of the world ought to live!

Custom fit – please specify desired length. As is the whole necklace is 27" with 4 1/2" earrings (hypoallergenic stainless).

Paradise's Fun (295)

BE bydesign

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