Playfully Feminine Wealth (249)

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Product Description

The combination of both old materials no longer made and newly created materials from the finest Italian Jewelry designers give this set a femininely antique look you won’t be able to find in any antique shop in the world.

The deep amber marbles have an unusual Aurora Borealis gold/amber/black finish that reflects differently with each ray of light they find. Hand wire wrapped in gold with added gold coils, they’re separated from each other with delicate Italian rose pink wire meshing – twirled & swirled for its true lacey like capability (can be “puffed out” if you ever want. Held with jeweler’s glue and wire wrapped so be gentle, but should stay in place for generations.)

Adding to the ladylike lace look are hand painted round, vintage gold pearl like beads and faceted Aurora Borealis golden pink glass beads.

There are many sets of earrings shown in the pictures because whoever gets this one-of-a-kind necklace, I wanted them to have 1st choice.

So go ahead and choose if you’re the lucky one – the rest of the world will just have to wait for 2nd best.

25" necklace (can customize);
Choice of earrings: 1) Italian wire mesh - 3"; 2) Gold Button - 2 3/4"; 3) 3 1/2" dangles; 4) Iridescent pearl - 2" or your choice of customized colors/size to match.

Playfully Feminine Wealth (249)

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