Sensuality’s Emotional Earthiness (512)

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Once again incorporating the pendant’s design into the chain itself (something I hadn’t ever seen before but LOVE after creating a few in different colors), this crackled amber with brown and diamond like accents has the look and feel that you’re at home on the earth, totally comfortable with your femininity and if you’re not lounging in bed or the woods, its only because you got bored with that…

With the amber crackle, brown and bronze beads are a few smaller orange ones for that lighter, emotionally communicative and pretty feeling.

There are a total of 6 matching designs inserted into the extra long chain that’s made to be able to slide on and over a collared shirt, or outside a turtleneck comfortably: 27 1/2" plus the 2 1/4" pendant.

The earrings too are long at a total length of 3” to not only match the style but to still stand out in their subtle sexiness.

spring ring clasp, gorgeous light gold chain.

Sensuality’s Emotional Earthiness (512)

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