Sparkling from the Depths (504)

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Product Description

Sparkling from deep within indeed! With a gorgeous Aurora Borealis finish, these faceted black beads are absolutely enchanting!

Set on a black chain you can wear it with all black, or blues, golds, greens, silver – you name it; the sparkles will bring out the colors matching beautifully.

The necklace is made long at 32” (always easier to shorten than lengthen if you want it customized for that special outfit), with the pendant adding another 1 1/2” of length. There’s a black lobster claw clasp and even black ear wires on the earrings. The earrings are only 2" because believe me, that’s plenty with this much sparkle!

Small black pearl beads and even tinier AB seed beads add a slight highlight, length, and intrigue to the large faceted AB black ones. With the jewelry materials available to us these days, we can enjoy simple elegance - with outstanding results. :)

Sparkling from the Depths (504)

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