Vintage Scrimshaw (675)

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Product Description

These authentic vintage scrimshaw pieces are amongst some of the most detailed you'll find anywhere in the world.

A friend of mine acquired these from an old scrimshander in Hawaii in the early 1980s. Not sure if they were relinquishing their stock at the time due to new laws or exactly why.

I do know that each one is meticulously hand carved by a pro, each with an old sail ship design on water, and each is more detailed than any others I've seen unless talking thousands of dollars.

They're also set on Hamilton Gold plated pendants that show off the design beautifully.

The one pictured is showing it on a chain I made and if you'd like any of them with a chain and clasp etc., please feel free to let me know - happy to make it for you to your custom length and/or particulars.

Pricing is for the authentic vintage scrimshaw piece itself, set in the gold plated pendant.

Vintage Scrimshaw (675)

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